… here we go

It is the inaugural ned 1.0 newsletter.

ned was established to communicate technology.  It was established to make technology understandable.  Today, technology information  seems to be of a “gee-whiz” nature or it is overly complicated.  Thus the person that wants a high level view, but does not want to be entertained is left in a void.  ned wants to fill this void.

Technology is understandable.  It is not something that is too complex for the willing reader.  A key component of this is presentation.  One given piece of technology is not isolated in space or time.  It will have related developments around it and it will have a history of developments on which it is built.  By capturing these aspects a given technology is seen for the improvement it is.  It is not an overwhelming isolated development.

The second aspect that begs clarification is the demarcation between tech and technology.  ned believes these two terms are not interchangeable.  We consider tech to be the gadgets or software that bring together technology into a platform or interface that is ready for the consumer.  This may be an smartphone or an app that indicates when the next bus will arrive.  Technology on the other hand forms the building blocks of tech.  Technology can also stand on its own, it does not have to be associated with tech. This is not an easy demarcation.  It goes against the popular perception out there.  However, we think it is important and that it relates to making technology understandable.

It is time to start the process.  The first topic that will be covered by ned is computer memory.  It first sight it sounds both arcane and already known.  At is the first topic because it is a field that appears ripe for change.  It is also a field where some big players have made big investments that might shift some paradigms.