a new approach for marketing patents

It is now five months since the first thoughts about IPmart were posted.  The concept has matured and the site is almost ready.  IPmart’s starting point is technology.  Patents describe and provide legal protection around an aspect of technology.  Sometimes it is a broad aspect,  sometimes it is a narrow aspect.  Whichever it is, it is still an aspect of technology.  So, IPmart will start there.

how will IPmart work

IPmart will be a centralized location to market patents.  Each patent will be summarized by a technology expert with patent experience.  Summaries will be written in real world language such that they are digestible by those in the field. Organization of technologies will also follow a real world classification that was developed from a technology perspective.  Summaries are literally and figuratively central to the IPmart approach.

IPmart’s difference

A patent is a static document. The information presented in it remains the same throughout its life.  Therefore, the summary will remain the same.  However, the world around a patent continually evolves.  It is dynamic.  The patent’s place in the world evolves as the technology landscape around it evolves.  Placing a patent in this dynamic world brings it to life. IPmart surrounds the summary with dynamic information, allowing a reader to quickly see where the patent fits in the world.

An understanding of technology and the centralized framework make relationships visible and all manner of insights are possible.  The more we look the more possibilities we see.

The status quo is ripe for consolidation.  It is ripe for disruption!

ned’s IPmart is born.  stay tuned ….