a new approach for marketing patents

status quo

Canadian, publicly funded research and Intellectual Property is finding its way into the hands of foreign corporations. These corporations know what they want and they invest.  Last year, “ned” opined Canadians need to play their game.  We need to identify the research that might alter a market and invest in it ourselves.

To this end, “ned” is reviewing how Canadian Government and University patents are marketed.  The first crack looks at Industry Canada’s IP Marketplace, Carleton University and University of Ottawa.  Initial findings are disappointing to say the least.  There are out-of-date lists, expired patents and all have no context.

The status quo is ripe for consolidation.  It is ripe for disruption!

way forward

It was striking to find patents being marketed with only their number and title.  They are treated as a line item, an entry in the database.  The problem; the number and title are the least relevant pieces of information for understanding a patent.  Why would you invest in an asset you can’t understand?

It all starts with the technology.  It is the largest component to understanding a patent.  The technology needs to be understood and it needs to be put in context with its surroundings.  The information has to be made useful.

From there, we can determine those patents outlining technology that might make an impact.  We can identify IP-rich ideas.  We can identify technology with IP-potential. We can make the information useful for startups.

“ned” wants to make information useful.  We want to understand the patent.  To do this we look to the ned Information Process.

nedIPmart is born.  stay tuned ….