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1.0 is directed squarely at professionals that want and need a current, curated and concise view of a technology.

Today’s paradigm of information revolves around an endless stream of articles and alerts. It’s article after article, after article. Then, how do you maintain the just-acquired knowledge for future reference?  The paradigm requires an onerous amount of reading and management. It was time to rethink the way information is delivered.

ned Information Process (IP)

We thought about what professionals need. We thought about the article paradigm. There has to be a better approach. The result of this rethink is the ned information Process a.k.a. ned IP.

Many sources of information, or inputs, are fed into the ned IP. Articles, press releases, patents, and blog posts are all there. Of particular note are patents. They are a large source of information, but few know how to read and extract it.  In fact, most publish misinformation. We know how to read a patent and find what is important in it. This ability is not common.

Good bits are pulled out from the inputs, we add some insights and a current picture is created. This picture is dynamic, deciphered, concise and organized.

What does a subscriber see?  What are the outputs of the ned IP?

output 1

The first output is the subscriber site. It provides a dynamic view of a technology of interest. Information is organized, and can be accessed from different viewpoints. One, can for example, view Press, on which we have commented, around Apple’s semiconductor work. One might then look at an overview of patents from a recent acquisition.

output 2

The second component is a newsletter with articles, yes articles. Here, articles are used to support the subscriber site. They may provide background, or present longer discussions or reasoning to support the current view. Articles are written to the audience, including respecting the level of detail.

To summarize, the 1.0 subscription is designed for professionals who want to develop and maintain a better understanding of technology.

1.0 provides

  • client site to maintain current picture of developments within and discourse around a technology
  • newsletter introducing new topics and discussing new and existing topics and updates
  • information organized and archived at client site ... so you don't have to

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