understand the technology … understand the asset

This is our approach to life.  This is our mission for clients.

We consume the raw information out there, extract the good bits, add our own insight and manage the output.  Our clients receive a dynamic, deciphered, concise and organized view of technology from our flagship 1.0 subscription.

Carbon dioxide does not notice the number of likes and retweets a founder receives.  It notices a carbon capture technology that works.  That is what you should notice.

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Does understanding the technology matter? Let’s say a portfolio manager has $50 million invested in a semiconductor memory company. They are busy reviewing the charts, and miss a competitor’s patents that begin to issue around a technology that will significantly impact the memory market and their investment. Understanding the technology is an important part of looking forward.


A patent defines legal protection around an aspect of technology. To understand the patent and its importance you need to understand the technology. Whether it is during drafting or licensing, or in between, understanding the technology and looking at where it might go is important. IP counsel adds value when they understand technology.

Ned Today

03Oct22 – Sometimes it just happens.  It is fun to watch unfold!  It is fun to watch a technology from one field disrupt paradigms in other fields because someone saw its potential.  Here, software and algorithms developed to solve one problem are being applied to a completely different problem and the doors swung open.  …more to come


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