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Today’s paradigm of scattered “free” information is pretty much a disaster for professionals needing a dynamic, deciphered and concise view. We take the raw information that is out there, extract the good bits, add our own insight and manage the output. The result is our flagship 1.0 subscription.

We are currently following Apple’s semiconductor work and the waste-to-energy space. The topics we cover will quickly grow as we grow.


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THE 1.0 SUBSCRIPTION TARGETS TWO PRIMARY MARKETS with the same maxim "understand the technology to understand the asset"


Whether it is “ball parking” a technology, seeing who or what else is in the eco-system, or looking in depth at what differentiates a technology, ned goes beyond the corporate pitch.


If you are drafting or licensing a patent your client can be better served when you have a better grasp of technology, allowing you to look forward, seeing how technology is evolving.

Ned Today

12Feb20 –  A report entitled Intellectual Property in Ontario’s Innovation Ecosystem was published yesterday.  It follows numerous editorials and articles in The Globe and Mail discussing Canadian innovation and Intellectual Property.

The ongoing discussion often focuses on startups and marketable ideas.  It is more interesting to look at fundamental research.  There is some really interesting IP at this level.  It is at the “ground floor” of technology development.  As noted in ned’s article “part one: play their game” (link below) the Googles and Huaweis are operating at this level. 

At the instant we are drawn back to last March’s story about grapes catching fire in the microwave.  This was a nice bit of basic research driven by a casual observation.  The IP at a level just above this “mere scientific principle” will be interesting.  Will it be in Canadian hands?

More to come …

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