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Today’s paradigm of scattered “free” information is pretty much a disaster for professionals needing a current, curated and concise view. We take the raw information that is out there, extract the good bits, add our own insight and manage the output. The result is our flagship 1.0 publication.

Our current topics include Apple’s semiconductor work and next-generation non-volatile memory. The topics we cover will quickly grow as we grow.



Whether it is “ball parking” a technology, seeing who or what else is in the eco-system, or looking in depth at what differentiates a technology, ned goes beyond the corporate pitch.


If you are drafting or licensing a patent your client can be better served when you have a better grasp of technology, allowing you to look forward, seeing how technology is evolving.


An understanding of your client’s business is at the heart of management consulting. If it is a technology based company you have to get a grip on the technology. ned can help you get that grip.

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27Mar19 – Many have commented that Apple’s “Show Time” event was light on details.  It seemed more like a placeholder for ambitions, than actual available services.  The lack of hardware was noteworthy.  Yes the pundits predicted this, but there must be more.  The Apple Arcade section, for example, discussed bringing AI and AR to the living room i.e. TV.  The current Apple TV and its A10X would not be able to do this.  Thus, our ongoing belief that the A12 or A12X will appear in a new Apple TV before long, and bring the promised features to life.

22Feb19 –  Here is a priceless sentence from mainstream media; “… unit shouldn’t be confused with a generator, which creates mechanical energy and delivers it only as a backup, when existing systems fail.’’. How is electricity generated without a generator?

Now the title of the article is “Could this off-the-grid technology be the future of electricity?”.  Maybe, just maybe, thinking about how electricity is actually generated is the place to start the discussion.

07Feb19 – Another article discussing Apple’s rumoured work on a baseband processor appeared today.   We have also been thinking about Apple’s possible design of a baseband.  Is it simple economics and royalties, or can Apple fulfill Steve Jobs’ goal of using semiconductor design to differentiate the end product?  More to come …

21Jan19 – An article in AppleInsider wrote “Years down the road, Apple could release a new operating system that requires the T2 chip to run, so 2018 MacBooks including the MacBook Air could run the latest macOS versions for many years.”  This almost reads that the T2 has an emulator block for the move to an ARM kernel for macOS.  It is an interesting thought.

13Dec18 – There is renewed chatter around big tech designing SoCs.  Some are again commenting that Apple was “early in the cost-cutting trend”.  This view does not seem to appreciate semi. design, what can be achieved, and how it is useful to end functionality.  When Apple acquired PA Semi in 2008 Steve Jobs commented it was to further differentiate their products.  See our article in EETimes about the role of semi. design in Apple’s journey to $1 trillion market cap.

03Dec18 – There are often several competing technologies after the same goal.  Gasification is a good example.  When one pulls out in front where the others failed, did they solve a problem or is the marketing better before they too hit that wall?

09Nov18 – The A12X should be in the TechInsight’s hands by now.  We are looking forward to the die photo, to see just how big the blocks are.

06Nov18 – Macworld published some iPad Pro reviews.  A common thread questions whether the A12X is too powerful for iOS. It will be interesting to see how developers access the available power.  Adobe commented that they were running a “full” version of Photoshop in the Keynote.  There will certainly be more to this discussion going forward.

29Oct18 – The Guardian suggested we will see  new graphics chip along with the A12 in the new iPad Pro.  A stand-alone graphics chip would be shocking for sure.

On another front we have been really thinking about energy and its conservation.  It is truly an area of siloed information.  All of the different paradigms and use scenarios are in desperate need of unifying to one picture.

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