The iPhone 7, gadgets and technology

Today, in about an hour, the iPhone 7 will be unveiled. I think it is safe to say that “iPhone day” is the pinnacle of the gadget release world. The features that will be expounded as “incredible”, “fantastic” or “awesome”

will all be made possible by advances in hardware or software.  It is a given that Apple’s A10 processor will be there.  A new camera will also be there.  Will there be wireless “Air Pods” also?   If yes, the rumoured Bluetooth-like communication will be of interest.  Is it an Apple-designed radio?  As one drills down one can see the technology behind the tech.  There may be a wider a.k.a. faster memory interface for the A10.  There may be a new lens structure or materials.  There may be a refined display stack or fingerprint sensor.  These are the developments at the technology level.

Popular media often considers the latest electronic gadgets or tech as the advances in technology.  However, there is a distinction.  Technology forms the building blocks for tech.  The gadget, tech level is a consumer-friendly bundling of technology.  The components and subsystems are where one finds technology.  ned scours the technological and scientific advances that happen at a earlier stage; advances that will form the technology along the road to the gadget level.  ned looks for the developments that will reshape technology going forward and possibly upset paradigms along the way.

With the above in mind our subscription-based publication, ned 1.0, is designed to bring the advances in technology to readers in a format that allows them to understand the developments and put them in perspective.