patents – a technology perspective

In Pixar’s Ratatouille food critic Anton Ego ordered “fresh, clear, well seasoned perspective”.  I also want some fresh perspective.  But, I am not referring to a Linguini creation.  I am referring to patents.  I want a fresh patent perspective.

There are basically three current perspectives on patents; the cute, the rant and the count.  The cute perspective looks are historical inventions where the older, the better.  The disclosed technology is treated as a bit of trivia, a curiosity.  The rant trivializes the technology in a patent.  The technology is simplified until it approaches the absurd.  And finally, is the count.  Here the technology is simplified to a single phrase or term that can be inserted in a search engine.  The results are counted with minimal, if any, consideration to the differentiating aspects or novelty of the disclosed technology.

What about a technology perspective?  We don’t really see much from it; certainly not in the mainstream or financial media.  Even though patents are all about protecting an aspect of technology this perspective is lost.  There is plenty to discuss about why this might be, but I want to move forward.  I want to walk away from the three current perspectives and take a technology perspective.  I want to bring patents to life.