I stream, you stream, we all stream for service revenue

What is the saying?  “The more we are different, the more we are the same.” Google released a “teaser” updating their video game streaming project the other day.

As noted in this coverage one goal is to allow even modest devices to become gaming systems, where the heavy computing is performed centrally, off device.  The next task is to get the computed graphics to the device with no-lag in the game.  This is no small task.  A first requirement is a good, “wide” internet connection.  Google suggests a minimum 25 Mbps.

Apple is also rumoured to be hosting its own streaming event in March.  Many point to the 25th as a likely date.  It is thought this will be a video streaming service to compete with the likes of Netflix. While the current rumours do not point to gaming, these rumours are also flying around.  Recently, potential pricing models were even brought to our attention.

Now it is time to move beyond the rumour round-up.  I do not think Apple will simply go head to head with a service as established as Netflix.  I would tend to think they want to add features that will differentiate them in this market.  Wow, this line is not knew, but it does apply?  Could Apple bring something to the table that would differentiate?

The A12X comes to mind.  Where could Apple use this bit of silicon and what features might it bring to life?  Yes Apple may be pursuing greater service revenue just like Google, but it will likely take a more device-centric approach.  More to come …