ned 2.0

Being directed to professionals that are frequent with the technology of interest ned 2.0 looks at these technologies in more detail.  At its heart ned 2.0 moves away from the “device” paradigm and moves to a technology paradigm.  The client no longer has to select which full device report is of interest.  By focusing on technology ned looks at the overall trends and how they are implemented in the relevant parts.  ned 2.0 follows the two part information process.

13may_rev_20The newsletter is now focused on a particular area of technology.  For example ned 2.1 looks at semiconductor memory.  Like ned 1.0 the newsletter presents longer discussions, whether they introducing a new topic or bringing together recent trends.



The secure website is organized slightly different than that of ned 1.0.  In this case more emphasis is placed on patents.  It also implements competitive analysis information.  In combination the technology professional has access to a more efficient means of keeping track of current, real world developments in devices and market spaces of interest.  Initial areas of focus will be in the semiconductor industry.

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