ned’s information process

today’s standard approach

A standard tool for keeping professionals up to date is the email alert.  Whether on their own or through an organization’s library a professional selects a series of news feeds in which they have an interest.  Then their inbox begins to fill.  The problems are myriad.  First, the professional is tasked for information management, which is not an efficient use of their billable time.  Second, the feeds may be of low quality and most certainly present a fragmented picture. In the end the standard outcome is the deletion of the growing pile of alerts from an inbox, on a semi-regular basis, without ever being read.

enter ned’s information process

13may_rev_nip1First, set a base.  A monthly newsletter presents articles that introduce a given topic, explore the various flavours thereof or explore an important development therein.  ned focuses on information a professional needs to make their decisions, not on Maxwell’s Equations or some random row decoder circuit schematic.   A strong emphasis is placed on keeping information in  context.  Articles are often presented in series where appropriate, allowing clients to work through a given subject matter, and to see its development.





Second, maintain a dynamic picture.  As part of either the 1.0 or 2.0 subscriptions, clients have access to a secure website where they can stay up to date in their area of interest while ned manages the information.  Further, a host of sections and tools allow further digesting or maybe seeing the information from a different perspective.  Whether at your desk revisiting an investment position or on the road prior to a client meeting a de-fragmented view of technology is waiting and ready.  Of course all of the newsletters are archived here for further reference.

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