Intel’s Tri-gate: 3D or not 3D, that is the question

A while back there was a flurry of articles discussing Intel’s 3D Tri-gate and 3D technology involving the use of multiple layers of transistors, not just the single layer used today.  This “conversation” appeared to have origins around this discussion of the possible use of FinFET transistors, such as Intel’s Tri-gate at nodes below 22 […]

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Intel’s tri-gate announcement: too many angles for 350 words

We have just passed one month since Intel made its tri-gate announcement.  In this time many things have been published about tri-gate; some insightful, some confusing and some, well just plain funny.  Moving beyond the initial flurry, and with plenty of time before tri-gate’s real impact hits, there are abundant avenues that deserve further study.  […]

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