nest labs …. building a patent “nest egg”

It was always a hard sell for both young companies and sole inventors; patents can become more valuable when you develop a portfolio.  There are always business considerations for sure.  The saying “cash is king” may have come from the investment world but it is equally applicable to early stage businesses.  Yet, if resources permit […]

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thermodynamic modeling for enclosures …

is the title of the first published nest patent application, which appeared the other week as US 2012/0065783 (‘783).  Thought experiment no more.  It is the time to start gaining insight into aspects of the technology behind the nest thermostat.  In the previous article it was hypothesized that patent applications disclosing systems and methods around […]

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thought experiment – if you were nest what might you patent?

No pun intended, but thermostats do not traditionally fall into the cool category.  Then there was Nest.  Despite not having any buttons the nest thermostat seems to push all the right ones;  slick stripped down industrial design, a nod to nostalgia for the round analogue thermostats of days gone by, and recognition of the annoyances […]

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