new perspectives : ramtron’s low power FRAM

Technology development can take place on many different scales ranging from basement based bucket chemistry to large corporate discovery-development programs.  Whatever the scale work in a new area may bring about advances to existing areas of technology because of a new perspective.  Ramtron’s low power FRAM part announced this week seems to stem from a […]

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deja vu: apple’s anobit acquisition

To say I have read a few articles on Apple’s, first rumoured and then confirmed, acquisition of Anobit is an understatement.  Of course not all of the articles were created equal.  Without dwelling on the negative Anandtech provided the most compelling article.  There were numerous interesting points raised. They differentiated the iOS product line from […]

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silicon casting and the patent bargain

At its most fundamental a patent is a bargain between the state and an inventor, where the state receives an enabling disclosure of the invention in return for a limited monopoly.  The state enters this bargain to provide the  disclosed information to the public for the benefit of further invention and building of the next […]

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