It is difficult to manage the volume of information. It is difficult to manage the quality of information. It is difficult to manage the fragmented flow of information.

The above all stem from the nature of the Internet; a venue where anyone can post anything.  Pretty much everyone is posting for clicks and everything can be found by a search engine whether good, bad or ugly.

The paradigm of free information has reduced the amount of real digging or insight provided by traditional publications.  This model has also brought about propagation of information, regardless of whether it is of high or low quality, to the point where it enters the realm of “if you say it enough it is true”.  At the end of the day information is losing its value.


WHAT ABOUT TECHNOLOGY? IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE A PART OF SOCIETY. It’s only constant though is its continual evolution.

Technology adds a new dimension because, well, there is now a technical component. One should have some understanding of the field, the background and the context of any information they are digesting. Decisions around technology should not be about gambling they should be about understanding, because it is understandable. This is where ned enters the picture.



Whether it is “ball parking” a technology, seeing who or what else is in the eco-system, or looking in depth at what differentiates a technology, ned goes beyond the corporate pitch.


If you are drafting or licensing a patent your client can be better served when you have a better grasp of technology, allowing you to look forward, seeing how technology is evolving.


An understanding of your client’s business is at the heart of management consulting. If it is a technology based company you have to get a grip on the technology. ned can help you get that grip.

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Ned also offers ned 2.0 for those with a need for a more in-depth look at particular technologies. Which publication is right often depends on your use of information.

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31Dec15 – As we close out 2015 it is important to remember that information on the web is driven by popularity, not accuracy.  One needs to question whether a technology story makes sense, or does it defy basic physics.

03Dec15 – A die photo of the A9X came out this week.  It is big at 147 sq. mm for a 16 nm process.  OK the 12 GPU cores are impressive, but “other” blocks also of interest.  At first look there are many that appear different than those of the A9.

12Nov15 -It is interesting to note just how much has happened in the NVM/ Flash? storage/ new memory space since the summer. They are not unheard of companies either.  There are some big companies in this shuffle.

11Nov15 – We are digging into yesterday’s NVDIMM release from Micron.  At first glance this “Persistent Memory” stems from their 2012 relationship with AgigA.

06Nov15 – There is plenty of chatter around this article from The Information.  It seems that Google is thinking about the HW-SW stack.  I wonder where they got the idea?

02Nov15 – It is always entertaining to hear the “technology” column on CBC Radio.  This morning discussed removing one’s ex from photographs that were posted to FaceBook.

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